students who suffer of physical or psychological aggressions only in Brazil.

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Gera a exemplificação para que o professor consiga aplicar em seus alunos a metodologia.

Tem a função de medir o nível de aceitação dos alunos em relação a diversidade, e obter um diagnóstico para que a escola, professores e pais possam avaliar o problema local.

O Jogo VOIX, composto pelo aplicativo e cartas busca gerar um ambiente de discussão divertido sobre assuntos relacionados ao bullying.

Através da plataforma Voix, o professor tem acesso à toda a metodologia Voix para aplicar em seus alunos. Fornecemos um jogo mobile que interage com um jogo de tabuleiro e cartas que gera um debate lúdico entre os alunos, além de um teste  no celular para medir o nível de aceitação à diversidade dentro da escola.


Assim, os educadores podem ter dados concretos do seu ambiente de trabalho e promover novas ações.


Durante 5 dias na semana, com apenas 1,5h por dia, fornecemos um jogo e uma metodologia  pedagógica que pode ser aplicada em várias escolas do Brasil e do mundo.


VOIX: The Game is a social empowerment game to combat prejudice,

including bullying in schools.

We want to give voice to minorities so that these cases will not be repeated again. And all this in a very fun way!

Each match can have 5 to 10 players from 12 years and lasts on average 30 minutes. The players are divided into 2 teams and there is a dispute between innovators and conservatives.


Approve the measures of your team.

The team that can approve 5 measures, wins the match!


Conservatives are people who still live in the last century.

They are used to doing things that are usually in the same way and want them always to stay that way they like.

All care is not enough because the conservative leader is always disguised and will try to be innovative. They are minority in this game, but are in power, which grants them special powers during the match.


Innovators want to change the world! They no longer accept old-fashioned decisions and are always trying to solve things in a different and modern way.

Who is going to win? Join your friends and find it out!



During the month of September 2016,
VOIX had it's project incubated in Switzerland, inside the program International Create Challenge.


Besides studying the education scenario in the country, we were able to evaluate the impact of the technology of our proposal.



After participating in a selection with over 350 entries, VOIX was among the 7 finalists and its founder participated in the Brazil Conference in April 2017 at Harvard and MIT.


Following a selection of more than 300 entries, VOIX was selected from 30 projects to participate in a month of mentoring with professional game developers at the Integral Systems Laboratory at USP.


In February 2017, the Innovation Agency of Unicamp (INOVA) carried out a report on VOIX.

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VOIX: The Game is currently being tested in schools around the world.


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